Tips for Starting a New Routine

Tips for Starting a New Routine.png

In honor of today's key phrase for the March Photo a Day Challenge, I interviewed my good friends Katie and Lacey from Fit KC about their tips on starting a new routine and keeping with it! Fit KC offers positive lifestyle training for individuals ready to get in control of their health and fitness. They offer personalized meal and training plans and cheer you on the entire way - I can't say enough good things about them! 

Q:  How do I get into a routine?

A: A healthy routine can be an intimidating thing for some - but it can definitely help jumpstart and sustain healthy lifestyle! To start, we recommend brainstorming your goals.  What do I want to focus on today, this week and this month? How can I strive for constant improvement both physically and mentally? WRITE THEM DOWN! Every goal needs a plan of action... what steps are you going to take to achieve these goals! Next, we recommend to plan out your days according to your goals.  For example, if your goal is to lose weight - plan out your nutrition plan and your workout days! Setting yourself up for future success.  Some jump into a routine too quick and do "too-much" at once which makes them overwhelmed & go back to old habits, so taking baby steps to get into a routine can be extremely beneficial to some.  This could be making one change daily or weekly to better your healthy lifestyle!

Q: How do I keep motivated in my new routine?

A: Staying motivated is a hard task but an important task! We all have some "bad" days (we are human) but when we dig deep and stay focused on our goals - we take forward steps closer to reaching our goals.  Always have your goals written down somewhere where you can read them in times of needed motivation!  Reward yourself when you reach a big goal to keep your motivation high (don't reward yourself with food but with a new pair of shoes or new workout clothes!) Celebrating small victories along the way can help to keep a constant flow of motivation on your journey! Another beneficial way to keep motivated are to include your friends and family in on your goals - they can help to hold you accountable!

Q: What diet tips do you have for someone just starting out on a healthy lifestyle journey?

A: Nutrition is 80% of weight loss success - so your food choices are key to success!! It all starts with the foods you put in your body.  We recommend making small, positive changes each day or each week. For example, staying away from breads for the first week, then the second week adding in more vegetables, then the third week making an awareness of your portion sizes and eating until you are content not FULL (listening to your body).  We always recommend carrying a water bottle with you everywhere so you can keep your body hydrated!

Q: What does our routine look like?

A: Our schedule changes day to day so we always PLAN AHEAD! That is key to our sanity and our healthy lifestyle. We map out our meals at the beginning of the week and prep all of our food for the week so we are always prepared (and never stuck in a bind without food)!  The night before a busy day, we will plan out when we will get our workout in! Even writing down our days ahead helps us mentally stick to our routine! (Think of it like scheduling a meeting with yourself!)