Meet the Designers

Ready to learn a little about who's behind the scenes and the stunning end results here at Shaping Your Space? Julie and Carly took some time to answer a few questions that let us peek into their world while giving insight into design philosophy, where inspiration is drawn from, and even some bonus tips on updating your home!

Meet Julie Baker

Julie Ransopher Baker, Interior Designer

Q. Can you remember when you first learned about your field of work? How did you discover what it was and how you knew it was what you wanted to do?

A. Yes, although I didnt realize it until I was in my late 20s.  When I was a kid I was constantly re-arranging my bedroom.  I loved trying my furniture in different configurations and would even flip my bedspreads, take down window treatments whatever I could get away without driving my mother crazy.  In college (desperately struggling studying communications) during my first finals week I stayed up all night re-arranging my dorm room instead of studying.  For some reason it just calmed me down.  Even then I didnt realize what I should have been studying.  It wasnt until years later into my first career that I sat down and really thought about what I would love to do if I could do anything.  Interior design was always in my heart but I didnt have the confidence to go for it then. Finally, at age 30, I went back to school, got the degree and started in my field.  Ive never been happier! 

Drawings of a kitchen remodel (left) and before pic (right)

Drawings of a kitchen remodel (left) and before pic (right)

Q. What is your Design philosophy?

A.  Form follows function.  No matter how beautiful a space is, if it doesn’t function well it’s never going to feel like home.  We can make any space interesting or beautiful but the major elements have to work well for my client to be included in the design.   


Q.  Do you have a signature style?

A.  Short answer: Absolutely not.  I design every space specifically for my clients needs, wants and taste.  I always laugh because many clients try to tell me “they have no taste” but it’s just never true.  Everyone has likes, dislikes, needs and wants.  I start there and during the design process I’m always thinking “Give em what they never knew they wanted”.  


Q. What are some places of inspiration for you?

A. I feel like a big part of my inspiration for projects comes from paying attention to what’s out there that feels fresh and new but also to what my clients tell me they love.  I believe that for most people there are certain colors, patterns or styles that always feel good to them—throughout their lives.  It has something to do with where they’re from, how they were raised or places they’ve traveled to.  When I’m working with a client I start to notice things around me—everywhere—that would be right for their design.  It can be as simple as a moulding on a door, colors I see in fashion magazine or lighting that represents an era that fits their style.  I’m constantly taking photos, clipping fabrics and making notes on magazine pages that I compile for design boards.


Q. Any key influences who inspire you?

A. A favorite quote from a design hero of mine, Sister Parish perfectly describes how she’s influenced my design practice.

“"When someone asks me to help create a room my first reaction, if I do not already know the person, is to try to feel out what he or she really wants the room to be and to understand, if possible, what 'memory', old or new, has brought this idea about."

I truly 'get' this concept and think about it at every client meeting.  The idea of bringing from the past what is good, beautiful and lasting into your home creates a cozy feeling into a home that can’t be achieved any other way.

It really influences what I try and create for my clients. 


Q. what are ways to quickly update your home for spring and summer?

A.  Bringing in fresh blooms, herbs, branches or cuttings from outside is a great inexpensive way.  They instantly freshen a space and add an earthy vibe.  I also love to bring in natural elements that give a space texture.  Hide rugs, candles, linen pillow covers, driftwood, metal candlesticks, concrete sculptures from your garden—all of these things bring in the 5 elements of Feng Shui which is a concept I love.

Q.  What brings you happiness in your own home?

A.  My husband Jeff and dog, Milo 😃  Aesthetically, I still love re-arranging and having ‘moving parts’ in my decor.  My husband is a very patient man—I know he doesn’t get why I’m constantly re-arranging, accessorizing and changing things around in our home but thank goodness he’s great about it!  



Meet Carly La Fevers

Q.  When did you know you had an interest in interior design?

A. I knew I had an interest in interior design ever since I was a kiddo. I was constantly rearranging furniture and turning my sister and I's room into something new. Picking out a new bedspread was a highlight of the year and I specifically remember going through a "jungle phase" (think handmade green streamers and house plants everywhere!) I loved how I was able to alter the feel of the space with the small changes I could make.

Q. What colors are hot for spring and summer? 

A. I love learning about and experimenting with color. The right mix of shades from the same color pallet can turn out amazing. House Beautiful has a fun example! It's so interesting how a trend starts and you then see it reflected in fashion, retail, and throughout the media. There's not a bad place to draw inspiration from! 

Q.  What trends do you see that are hot this year?  which do you see standing the test of time?  Or which trends are coming back (such as mid century modern which has been so popular):

A. Painting in the grey color family has been popular lately, along with minimizing what you have. I think a lot of people are wanting a simplicity that is unique to them. All white bedding will always stand the test of time! Check out what Architectural Digest came up with for more 2016 trends.  On a different note, there is a whole amazing world of wallpaper out there I want people to explore, it's so fun and there are so many incredible artists! 

Q.  What’s the most surprising thing about working in interior design to you?  (clients, different materials, etc.)

A. The most surprising thing about working in interior design so far has been learning about what all is even possible, there was a whole world of tile and materials out there that I had no idea about! 

Q. What do you enjoy the most working in this field?

A. There is little I don't enjoy about working in the field of interior design. Each day is different and comes with it's own set of challenges. Being creative and finding the perfect piece for a client is amazing. I want them to be psyched about their space. Julie always says "Give em what they never knew they wanted" and it's definitely something I strive to do. I truly enjoy the people I work with, such a dedicated, creative, and hardworking group! They inspire me.