Keepin' It Cozy

January could be considered the "Monday" of our months. What's a better cure for a case of the Monday's than coming home to a cozy and inviting space? Check out some charming tips to cozy up your home this month. 


DIY gold-dipped candle holders from  Lifeovereasy

DIY gold-dipped candle holders from Lifeovereasy

Sense of smell has a definite effect on our mood, lighting a candle that you enjoy not only produces a lovely glow, but can scientifically influence your mood! 

Pickwick  is a local company that has some amazing smelling candles. (Dicken's is a personal fav!) 

If you're a DIY-er try making a Lemon Beeswax Candle  it will smell wonderful and you'll be able to make some for friends!

Pop Sugar named Astier de Villatte candles one of the top ten best scented candles. A delicious smelling splurge that will add a touch of charm to your home.  

Throw Blankets

Happy Habitat

Happy Habitat

A throw on your sofa not only gives an invitation to cozy up with a good book, movie, or conversation - but will add a pop of color and texture. A great finishing touch for any space. 

Top left - Wayfair. Bottom left - Target. Right - Anthropology 

Top left - Wayfair. Bottom left - Target. Right - Anthropology 

I'm not sure if you can ever go wrong with a classic plaid throw. Check out this Columbus Woven Throw here or this fantastic heated sherpa throw from Target. 

Happy Habitat throws are designed by Kansas City native Karrie Kaneda. The fun patterns and coloring are second to how comfortable and soft they are. 

This adorable dot throw is from Anthropology. 

Mantle Inspiration 

As you take the holiday decor down from the mantle, amp up your fireplace with a fresh look. Elle Decor has some unique ideas. 

Create a Nook

Create a little area that you can have to yourself. This could be a window seat, a comfortable chair in a corner, any space where you can sit back and read a book or watch a movie. Add a fun new lamp, some throw pillows, a warm rug, etc.  Think about bringing in items you love that will help get you out of that funk. (More inspo to beat winter blahs here!) Re-arrange your bookshelves and add new accessories to a side table. Now, sit back, light that candle, snuggle up in a blanket and relax - for at least a moment! :) 

Floral throws, fresh flowers, and soft rugs are all wonderful components to add into your space to cozy it up. Elle Decor and House Beautiful have some darling examples for added inspiration!