Thankful for the Day

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  My three sisters and parents all create their speciality dishes (all great cooks--except me!) and we gather together to eat, play games and watch football.  This year my husband, Jeff, and I are hosting so of course I LOVE pulling out all my favorite dishes and linens for our Thanksgiving table.  It's all about being HOME and cozying up together for the day.  I thought I'd share my must haves for the season, some ways to dress your table and create a fun day for your family!  

Use all white dishes

All white dishes are not only incredibly versatile for any occasion, but easily attainable. Check out our favorites from Pier 1 , Pottery Barn and my favorite place to buy anything for the kitchen...Pryde's Old Westport

Pottery Barn and Pryde's Old Westport

Pottery Barn and Pryde's Old Westport

Another great option when you're feeding a big group and need extra place settings...hit your local antique mall or thrift store for white plates and extra flatware.  After all, who says they all have to match?!  Different styles, sizes, shapes make your table even more homey and interesting!  



Table linens 

Table linens are a way to add color, texture, and uniqueness to any table. I love to mix patterns in runners, tablecloths and linen napkins.  And those all white plates make anything possible!

This simple runner from Anthropology works all year and adds great texture to your table.

A fun DIY option from Martha Stewart Living is to cut natural linen (or update plain jane napkins) and dip dye the edges to add color. Shown here.

Always a great choice for keeping your guests entertained is paper chalkboard runners.  Write your welcome message or give guests chalk or chalkboard pens to write fun messages!  LOVE this!

Another amazing option for table covering that adds a TON of color and is SUPER easy to clean....OILCLOTH!  If you haven't seen will quickly become a fan!  Oilcloth is a tightly woven cotton or linen which is enameled to make it waterproof.  Perfect for the kids table (or adult)!!  Once again....Pryde's is a great place to find fun printed Oilcloth and it's sold by the yard so you can get exactly the amount you need. If you're really ambitious you can sew some decorative tape to the edge or use a quick whipstitch to really dress up your table!  Super cute and functional!

Oilcloth from Pryde's

Oilcloth from Pryde's


Fresh flowers, pumpkins, gourds, candles---all great options for centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table.  I love to use fresh cuttings from pine trees, bushes and branches from my yard.  Play around with this and have fun---simplicity is the key.  And don't forget to leave plenty of room for food!

For more centerpiece inspiration look here. You probably have most of the ingredients hanging around your home! 

A little something different for a centerpiece....

A Thankful tree.  I LOVE this and keep mine up all year. :)  I made mine with paper branches from Crate & Barrel and added a few sticks from the yard along with some pussy willow to mix it up.  I keep a small concrete container near the tree with small paper tags so any and all can write what they're thankful for.  It's a heart warmer!

Must have gadgets for the holidays....

If you want to know about the latest and greatest kitchen utensils just ask Louise, owner and proprietor of Pryde's Old Westport.  She shared some of her must have's for the holiday season:

(Left to Right) An over boil ring keeps water from spilling all over your cooktop, Silicone lids can be used on top of refrigerated dishes or on your cooktop, a combo salad bowl and chopper makes preparing salad easy, the 'spiralizer' makes your pasta, potatos or veggies WAY more interesting.

Over boil ring, silicone lid, in-bowl salad chopper

Over boil ring, silicone lid, in-bowl salad chopper

Spiralizer and one of the delicious creations made with it!

Spiralizer and one of the delicious creations made with it!

Entertain your family with fun games


A fun twist on the old game - this Mixed Wood Giant Jenga from Etsy is not only trendy and unique, but a great way for family and friends to unwind. (---You can even amp the game up by writing dares on each piece---.) Loser has to do the dishes! 

Another family favorite in our house--SCRABBLE!  Restoration Hardware has oversized boards that rotate and house all the pieces.  

If you've never played Cribbage---look out---you'll be hooked.  This game dates back to the 17th Century and never gets old! Buy a board from Etsy or any game store. Learn how to play here

Finally...what to wear!

When you're cooking, entertaining, and enjoying your Thanksgiving, one of the last things you think about is what to wear. We asked Rachel Pfeffer from Nuance Style House for some cute and comfy ideas for Turkey Day and she had some fab suggestions!  Check out this loose but gorgeous tunic and (YIPPEE!) stretchy leggings. 

Julie's tips for pulling it all together

1. Oil cloth is perfect for your kid or adult table, it comes in so many colors and patterns. It also makes clean up a breeze! 

2.  Keep your centerpiece beautiful and simple.  My best tip to making a gorgeous table is to repeat elements.  White plates, white dishes and white candles will make your table look elegant and will let the star of the show (the food) stand out.

3.  Above all enjoy your family and the day!  Something burned? Someone really late?  Is your niece in a bad mood?  fuhgeddaboudit!!  One of the funniest Thanksgiving memories in our family was when the huge dish of sweet potatoes ended up breaking in half all over the floor (imagine 80's baby blue carpet with sweet potato stains ICK!!).  

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


"Let our lives be full of both thanks and giving"